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In the land of Kaga, with its splendid view of Sacred Mt.Hakusan, seven private estates(shoen manors) existed from the end of the Heian Period until the middle of Muromachi Period.The grand history and romance lived by our predecessors still remains. Jyokigen brewery is located in Youkaichi, once called “Nukata no sho(Nukata local area)”

The brewery of Jyokigen was established in 1819. As the landlord for generations, the founding family engaed in rice and green tea cultivation. One year, the family experienced a bumper crop and celebrated with farmers. Praying that the blessings they shared would last forever, they adopted the name “Jyokigen(Eternal Good Mood)”. As master sake brewers become increasingly rare under the watchful hands of Noto Master Sake Brewer and seven other brewers, we are engaged in brewing quality sake, using 100% single sake rice, including “Kaga Gohyakumangoku”, as well as “Yamadanishiki”, and “Miyamanishiki”, and cool and clear, pure Hakusan spring water from the legendary “well of Hakusui” hewn by Saint Re-nyo Shonin. The finished product has an exceptionally soft and gentle aroma and clean aftertaste, and has received first place in the National New Sake Awards.

Jyokigen, as a representative of Kaga sake, strives to achieve the essence of sake and wishes to share this with all.

Procedures in Jyokigen Sake Brewing



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